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Author's Profile: Patric Chan is a best-selling author, a world-class speaker who has been invited to speak in 12 countries and an internet marketing pioneer since 2003.

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Other than this, he has helped thousands of people to start their internet marketing businesses and receive testimonials from millionaires for his marketing strategies.
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Unlike what else you’ve seen online, this is actually a REAL best-selling book that’s available in the local bookstores. Thousands of copies of the first edition have been sold.

The first edition was back in 2012 and it contains 72 valuable chapters.

In this second edition, I've updated many of the previous chapters and replaced 50% of the "old" chapters with the new ones.

Although this book is currently selling in Amazon.com, I'm going to give to you for free on this website.

You see, I want your feedbacks before this book goes "live" in the local bookstores. At the same time, I'm collecting as many testimonials as possible. Inside the book, if you like to contribute, there's instructions on how you can provide your feedback after you’ve read the book.

Whether you're new to internet marketing or an experienced one, the 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits will be suitable for you to read.

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Here are some of the secrets you'll be learning from the book...
The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits contains my marketing ideas to make money online, business lessons and all kinds of valuable information for you to start and subsequently, grow your internet business.

Just one marketing trick from this book could be responsible for the entire internet marketing success… read it today for free.

This is not some ghost-written or private label rights book. I've personally wrote it from my 15 years of internet marketing experience...
  • How to build your online business with email marketing - Page 5
  • Discover a new method to get targeted traffic - as quickly as within a days! - Page 135
  • What is the secret of creating "money on demand" on the internet - Page 94
  • Why learning "old information" can actually help you to achieve success - Page 22
  • The 5 secrets to get Joint Venture Partners to promote your product or do business with you! - Page 34
  • How to position your product in the market so that you will have little competitors and attract customers - Page 101
  • Revealed: The concept of "slow money" vs. "quick money" - Page 91
  • What you'll need to KNOW before building your email list (nothing to do with any technical matter) - Page 6
  • The 3 valuable lessons I've learn at World Internet Summit - Page 14
  • Discover the real secret about achieving success on the internet... - Page 16
  • What are the 4-step writing formula - Page 48
  • Find out the biggest question you need to answer before creating an information product - Page 97
  • How did a part of sunglasses helped me to create a powerful marketing strategy - Page 71
  • What are the 2 types of information products that can generate more money for you - Page 61
  • Is there a SECRET to getting people to give you money - Page 163
  • A simple idea to create top notch content like the experts - Page 161
  • How to avoid the pitfall of product launch failure! - Page 111
  • The marketing strategy that I use in almost ALL of my marketing campaigns - Page 74
  • Discover the 5 "must-have" factors to get free traffic by giving away eBooks - Page 43
  • What I learn from Microsoft's business model - Page 150
  • And many more are included in these 196 pages book!
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This book is currently selling in Amazon.com. However, I'm going to give it to you for free but you'll take care of the shipping & handling to receive it (just $7.95 anywhere in the world).
The Build And Profit Home Course
This is the most comprehensive online business training I’ve ever put together to show how to make the first $1,000 – this is a step-by-step training of over 10 hours to teach “everything” you need to start generating income from the internet.

This is highly suitable for you because after you've learned the tips and ideas from the 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits, you'll need a training to show you how to launch your online business.

There are 3 core modules to the Build and Profit Home Course...
Module #1: Launching Your Blog
To build your blog for free, allow me to introduce the most widely used platform and probably the easiest to get started… WORDPRESS.

And to get started, the first thing you need is a fully functional and engaging website that enables you to have online presence!

The tricks and tips you will learn in this first module are exactly the same used by many expert developers to build a high-quality website. These include the basics of…

  • How to build solid WordPress websites and how to make their best use for your online business
  • How to buy a domain name with little hassles and register for hosting account
  • How to install WordPress, themes, content etc. to generate internet income
  • How to use widgets and how they can be used effectively how to edit your website
  • Make your WordPress site user friendly to boost sales and conversions
  • Quickly and easily make changes to your site to match your brand
  • How to speed up your blog to decrease abandon rate of a website visitor
  • Create and manage posts and pages to get high-quality traffic for your offers
  • Find and install themes best suited for your purpose
  • Optimize your site to increase SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • And many more!
Module #2: Your Website Monetization Methods
This module is about website monetization.

So, we will cover strategies related to affiliate promotions, Amazon and also, Adsense - how to generate income with these 3 opportunities.

And, more importantly, how to convert your website visitors to BUYERS. These includes…
  • How to turn your website into a blog for profit
  • How to present an offer to your website visitors the right way
  • The 10 top secret blog post titles that get attention
  • 50 blog titles you can use with fill-in-the-blank templates to quickly generate dozens of compelling titles for your content!
  • And many more!
The next part of monetization training, we’ll teach you about Wordpress list-building.

You may have heard or read the statement, “The money is in the list.”

To a great extent, this is very true -- having customers willingly subscribe to your email list, they would also be likely interested in your niche and buy your offers. Building an email list is an easy and cost-effective method for scaling up your online business success.
Module 3: Traffic Blogging
Now that you have put up a professional website using WordPress and developed the strategies to monetize your website, we have come to the most important aspect of your online business: TRAFFIC.

Do you ever get stuck when you have a website up but no visitors at all?

The good news is, by using WordPress, there are a lot of secret tricks and hacks to get free traffic to your website, including traffic from Google.com! Many do not know about it, so this why they’re struggling to get traffic.
  • How to easily create, publish, and promote content that attracts a massive audience
  • How to optimize your website, so it easily ranks well in the search engines
  • Use social networks effectively to become a "Thought Leader" in your market
  • Get visitors, leads, and customers referred to you from high traffic websites
  • Some quick examples of content marketing that have proven to help businesses grow tremendously...
  • How to easily use SlideShare.com to attract even more traffic and leads
  • A quick example of viral content that attracts millions of monthly visitors!
  • How to create and promote free tools that dramatically grow your website traffic
  • How to research and organize keywords that help your site attract huge traffic
  • How to "amplify" your content, so it quickly reaches the widest audience possible
  • And many more!
This entire home course of over 10 hours of training will be yours for free - instantly accessible digitally when you grab a copy of the 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits.

"Patric Chan blows you away with idea after idea for making money online. Keep a pen and paper handy as you read this book because the ideas … and the cash … will flow from the very first chapter."

Brett McFall

Co-founder of World Internet Summit

"It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to share your invaluable experience and personal observations through this awesome book. The methods, techniques, ideas and tactics will help anyone with an online business or even just a website go from ‘average’ to A . “Best all of all, what you teach is ‘simple’ yet effective for any ordinary person to understand and use to his/her own advantage. Well done."

Mike Mograbi

Founder, IMNewswatch.com

"Brutally honest, easy to read and understand for even the greenest newbie getting started. Patric covers a lot of ground, I'm quite amazed that he has fit so much into this one book. I wish I'd of had this myself back when I first started my online businesses. If you want to learn how to make money online, then this is highly recommended."

Jeremy Gislason

CEO of SureFireWealth, Inc

"After completing your book, firstly let me say it was very easy to read and understand, I must say, I’m floored. The main thoughts going through my head is "I just wish I had this information when I first started 10 years ago"! I think if I had this information when "I" first started, I would be worth between 10 to 50 times what I’m worth right now.

This is amazing information you are releasing, I’ve preordered a bunch of copies to give to my friends this Christmas. Forgot to mention, the new twists you’ve put on your strategies, that I'd have never thought of in a million years. So I thank you, and my friends will also thank you."

Peter Drew


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